What you wanted to know about Maheshwar shoot of ‘Dabang 3’

Sonakshi Sinha, the heroine of Salman Khan’s ‘Dabangg 3’, was not called for the first schedule shoot.
What you wanted to know about Maheshwar shoot of 'Dabang 3'

Shooting of Salman Khan’s ‘Dabangg 3’ has started at Maheshwar Fort on Monday. This is the first schedule of this film. It can be said that the shooting of this much awaited film is starting with the shooting of its title track. This song will be shooting for 13 days. It includes hundreds of backup dancers. After that Salman Khan and Arbaaz Khan are also going to shoot some action scenes here. After that you have to work in Mandleshwar for a few days. However, Salman Khan is currently enjoying the ongoing shooting in Maheshwar. He also rode a scooter when he was seen riding a bicycle to shoot.

Salman Khan arrived at the Ahileshwar temple complex at 11.30 am with tight security. With the opening of the doors of the Reva Society to reach the set of Salman Khan at Hotel Ahilia Fort in the Rajwada Complex. Seeing Salman at a glance at this door, the spectators standing at the square door started shouting. Salman Khan reached the set in safety wearing a gray T-shirt. A large number of police were also deployed here.

At 12 noon, Salman arrived at the set wearing a blue shirt, glasses and jeans. Then the hood… hood… dabang… dabang of the bass guitar started playing. On which Salman enters the group of saints with a guitar at the entrance of the eight side stairs. As soon as this scene is fixed four or five times. On the contrary, the song is reproduced in the words of the heart.

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Salmon gave his shots from very close to the camera with a group of young men and women among the saints who set fire to the back. After four or five retakes, the shot went right. Similarly other scenes of the same song have been shooting till lunch. Then in the main ghat in front of the Narmada temple (Lakshmibai’s umbrella) the scene of the mass wedding was recorded. Chulbul Pandey organized a mass wedding in the village.

Tourists have to face difficulties as the doors are closed

During the shooting, tourists were not allowed to enter the fort during the morning shift. At the same time, after Salman’s stay at Ahilya Fort in Rajwada Complex, the doors of Rajabara Complex were also closed for some time. Due to which many tourists are deprived of seeing Rajgari, gold cradle, idol of Goddess Ahilya etc.

After the completion of the MP’s schedule, work will start in Y, Maharashtra. There is a shooting schedule of about 80 days. This is where the film will be shot in its entirety and post-production will be completed with a view to release on 31st December. This time Southern superstar Sudip has been called as the villain in this movie.

Earlier on Sunday evening, when Salman Khan arrived in Indore for his photo shoot, he first remembered his policeman grandfather. Salman posted a video on his Instagram from inside the chartered flight in Indore and said ‘Arbaaz and I have just arrived in Indore. This is where the two of us were born. Now we will go to Mandleshwar and Maheshwar to shoot ‘Dabang 3’. When our grandfather was in the police force, he was posted here.

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Salman’s grandfather Holkar Raje of Indore was the DIG of the police.

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