What to Talk About With Your Crush Over Text

What should you do if you have no good reason to strike up a conversation yet feel the want to text that cute person you’re kind of into? Like everyone else, you could use a corny pickup line, but you don’t want to sound like a broken record.

And you already know that saying “hello”?” won’t likely result in any progress. You’ve arrived to the right site if your objective is to discover how to initiate a conversation with a crush that will catch their interest and make them eager to converse. Sometimes all it really takes is a gentle prod in the right direction for the subject of your affection to open up.

Make A Provocative Question

Asking a question that they will undoubtedly know the answer to can be an excellent way to start a conversation, and doing so can encourage more natural interaction. Send a text to your friend asking for the score if you both support the same sports team but can’t watch the big game.  Ask them a homework-related query. Exactly what? You might even schedule a future study date.

Bring up a memory

Bring up anything you recall from your previous chat, like a band or movie you both enjoy, to demonstrate that you were paying attention, especially if you know a little bit about your crush and you’ve spoken before.

It’s an excellent approach to continue where you left off. You can both express and pique your crush’s curiosity by bringing up your most recent encounter. You can suggest a movie or song to them if, for instance, you just mentioned how much you both enjoy sci-fi movies or independent music.

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Make a Sweet Remark

Mentioning anything that made you chuckle or had you thinking of them while you’re texting someone for the first time. Even if the connection doesn’t develop, your text could make their day because a sincere kind thought is never terrible.

Send them a note that will make them feel good and encourage a conversation. One that expresses your admiration for their best quality can be more flirtatious while still being sincere. You should receive a hearty “thank you!” and many people will thank you in kind.

Talk About A Common Interest Or Experience

The best method to start a conversation is by bringing up a common interest or experience. To begin, check through their social media profiles or dating app profiles to see if there are any similarities between you.

If you and they both frequently post dog photographs to Instagram, bring up the possibility of a puppy playdate. You might even ask them whether they’ve read another one of your favorite books if you two attended the same literary event.

Send an Emoji

The winking, kissing, and heart-shaped eyes In that order, emojis are the most likely to elicit a response from singles. To be flirtatious and improve your chances of receiving a response, use one of those in your opening text.

People will reply to fascinating and meaningful messages, so it’s better to keep it light, pleasant, and possibly humorous. Therefore, if you do send a flirtatious text, keep it subdued and informal – not over the top.

Genuine Curiosity

When you actively pay attention to someone and their individuality, they appreciate it. It’s one of the largest indirect compliments you can give someone since it demonstrates that you are interested in them as a person, not simply their outward appearance.

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Asking them about anything relevant to their preferences and personalities will demonstrate that you are truly interested in them. Ask enquiring inquiries to keep the conversation moving. Sometimes it’s difficult to establish a shared interest, but if you really inquire about someone, they will reply.

Invite them to a casual event

Sometimes you’ve been texting your crush for a little while and are looking for methods to get to know them better, so why not meet up in person? You can jokingly finish the conversation by asking them out. This demonstrates that you have plans already but want them to materialize.