Rajasthan sectarian tensions: News of one sectarian tension after another is coming from Rajasthan. The latest case is that of Bhilwara. According to reports, a young man was stabbed to death here last night. The issue immediately took on a sectarian tone. A heavy contingent of police has been deployed in the area. Bhilwara District Collector Ashish Modi has ordered to shut down internet services in Bhilwara till 6 am on Thursday, May 12. Let me tell you, before that there was tension in Crowley, Jodhpur and Bharatpur in Rajasthan. This is the second incident of sectarian tension in Bhilwara in recent times.

Earlier on Tuesday, there was tension in Bharatpur. Two communities (Sikhs and Muslims) clashed here late Monday night. Both sides pelted each other with stones. Throwing glass bottles from the roof. One person was injured in the incident and has been admitted to hospital for treatment. Police controlled the situation, which led to the tension limited to only one area. Police forces have been deployed across the city. On Tuesday morning, Technical Education Minister Subhash Garg held a meeting with Inspector General of Police Prasanna Kumar Khamsra, Collector Alok Ranjan and Superintendent of Police Shyam Singh and other senior officials. Garg appealed to the people to keep the peace. He claimed that the situation was under control.

According to information, about eight years ago, a Muslim youth threw a stone at the Gurdwara during Bhandara. The matter was disputed between the two sides. At that time, two youths of the Muslim community were arrested by the police and sent to jail. He was later released on bail and a settlement was reached between the two sides. Monday was a wedding in a Muslim family. There was loud music playing during the wedding. People from the surrounding Sikh community objected. The matter was disputed between the two sides. The quarrel between the two sides escalated to such an extent in the Mathura Gate police station area that stones and glass bottles were thrown at each other. Police have arrested a dozen people from both sides. The superintendent of police said the detainees were being questioned. Now there is peace in the city.