Weight Loss Diet Plan: If You Want To Lose Weight, Follow This Diet Plan, You Must Lose Weight

New Delhi – Due to lockdown and many other problems, your weight is increasing very fast, so it is clear that you are trying to reduce it. By now you must have thought of following many diet plans that can help you lose weight. According to the report, 80 per cent of people in India are overweight, which means they are overweight according to BMI.

At the same time about 140 million people object. India is the third most obese country in the world. Children are not left behind in this case. About 20 million children in the country are obese.

Weight Loss Diet Plan-
Start the day with 2 glasses of water.
Drink hot water mixed with lemon juice and honey. This will speed up your metabolism.
Lau is considered to be very good for health. Playing it helps control blood sugar, blood pressure and the digestive system. Which is why your metabolism works faster and helps you lose weight. Therefore, if you want, just bottle for a few days. In which you can include laurel juice, vegetables or soup.
Eat boiled vegetables throughout the day. In which you can include carrots, beets, broccoli, beans etc.
Drink carrot, beetroot and apple juice daily to lose weight.
Instead of plain water, drink gall and horse odor water.
The digestive system also has a special contribution in weight loss. So to keep fit, soak a little triphala in water every night before going to bed and drink this water in the morning.

There should be no shortage of water in the body. So that you do not suffer from dehydration. So eat more watermelon, cucumber, apple, tomato, onion etc. in summer.
Boil 3-6 grams of cinnamon in 200 ml of water and filter after boiling for 15 minutes. When lightly heated add one teaspoon of honey. Drink it daily on an empty stomach or at night before going to bed. Cinnamon has anti-bacterial properties.
If you want to lose weight, it is better not to eat grains. Instead you eat oats, dahlia.
Mix 1 teaspoon of vinegar and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice in a glass of water.

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