Weight gain due to sweet and royal food at the festival?  8 tips to detox the body

Weight gain due to sweet and royal food at the festival? 8 tips to detox the body

[title Weight increased due to sweets and royal dishes on festivals? 8 tips to DETOX the body]

MUMBAI: The festival of Diwali and Bhai Duj has just passed but the process of people eating sweets is not over yet. At festivals, routines are bad and exercise or diet is not followed. Most people complain of gaining weight before the end of the festival. So here are some simple tips that detoxify the body i.e. cleanse from the inside out as well as help to lose weight.

Drink hot lime water in the morning
Start your day with hot lime water. Put half a teaspoon of lemon juice in a glass of hot water. Hot lime water detoxifies the body very quickly.

Increase protein intake
Protein is considered to be the most effective for weight loss. Protein also helps build muscle. Include foods like eggs, chicken, beans and lentils in your diet. As well as controlling your appetite, they also reduce calorie intake and help you lose weight.

Increase fiber in food
Fiber is considered as a natural detoxifying agent. Include plenty of fiber in your diet. For this, eat plenty of cucumbers, carrots, salads, sprouts and greens. It will strengthen your body from within.

Prepare meals in advance
Preparing healthy food in advance is considered to be a very good strategy to save time. Make a plan for the whole day and eat little by little from time to time. This way you will feel less hungry and you will be able to avoid the habit of overeating.

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Drink plenty of water
It is very important to detoxify the body by eating unhealthy food during the festival and there is nothing better than water for this. Drink 8-9 glasses of water throughout the day, it will get rid of all the toxins from your body. You will feel energy when you drink water. Staying hydrated keeps the digestive system healthy, and helps you sleep better.

Include these things in the diet
Fill your diet with fresh fruits, vegetables, lentils, lemons, nuts and seeds. This will make you lose weight faster.

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