Watch this video carefully, it may be annoying, the rat died in 5 seconds after being bitten by a snake

Mumbai – Every day one or another video is going viral on social media. In the meantime, another video has come to the fore. This video deals with a dangerous snake and a rat, so that a fun fight can be seen between the two. The video has been viewed more than 40,000 times so far and netizens are also liking it.

It is seen that the snake was locked in the ‘snack house’ when a white rat kept it inside for its food. A rat, unaware of his death, is walking comfortably here and there. Here, as soon as the snake attacks its prey, it escapes. Seeing the prey coming under control, the snake immediately bit it. As soon as the dangerous venom of the snake entered the body, the rat became unconscious within five seconds and died the next moment.

What you see in the video will really fascinate you. The video was uploaded to Instagram on a page called, with netizens reacting strongly.

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