Virat Kohli can’t give this happiness to his daughter Vamika

New Delhi – The daughter is the life of her father. A father really treats his daughter like a fairy and Virat Kohli is raising his daughter Vamika in the same way. Virat tries to keep the world at Vamikar’s feet, but despite such good upbringing, Virat seems to lack something that he will never be able to fill.

In 2006, Virat Kohli’s father died of cardiac arrest and in an interview, Virat said with a heavy heart that he was very sorry he did not see his daughter Vamika. Virat believed that he would never be able to make up for the lack of a grandfather in his daughter’s life, for which he would be very sorry.

Only those who have spent time with their grandparents can know how special the love of grandparents is. As well as their upbringing and their selfless consciousness, a banyan canopy is so special that it has nothing to do with anything else.

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