Video: This trailer of ‘Paltan’ will be full of anger against China

The trailer is creating great and extraordinary curiosity.
Video: This trailer of 'Paltan' will be full of anger against China

This time JP Dutt is coming with ‘platoon’. The director who brought all the battles to the screen today showed a glimpse (trailer) of this film.

The trailer is creating great and extraordinary curiosity. This time JP has come up with a different story, which very few people know.

We would like to inform you that the release date of this film on the Sino-Indian war has a special significance which is related to this war. JP Dutt, who made films like ‘Border’ and ‘LOC Kargil’, announced the release date of his film two months ago. The film will be released on September 6 this year.

This date has a special significance. This is a story of strategic history. Everyone knows that in 1962 there was a war between India and China. Exactly five years later, the Chinese army attacked the Indian border again. China did it because the Indian army had fenced off from Nathu La to Cebu La at that time and the Chinese army did not want it. At the same time, the Chinese army boasted of victory in the Battle of 62, and in the same victory the Chinese army attacked. The Indian army was stunned by this surprise attack and as a result many soldiers were initially killed. But immediately the Indian army took charge and retaliated. Due to this move of the Indian army, the Chinese became frustrated and they declared a ceasefire. The Indian Army won.

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JP Dutt considers this incident as an important part of Indian war history and says that China started the war in 1962 and India ended it in 1967. According to the information, this historical event i.e. the war started on September 11, 1986 and for this reason the release date of the platoon film has been fixed on September 6. This time there is no big star in JP Dutt’s platoon but stars like Arjun Rampal, Sonu Sood, Harshvardhan Rane and Gurmeet Chowdhury will bring those glorious stories of Indian Army to the screen. ‘Paltan’ is the ballad of the heroes of the Sino-Indian war.

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