Video: The professor’s wife suddenly changed her mood in this movie of John, watch the trailer

It is a psychological thriller, where a professor’s wife suddenly begins to feel a change.
Video: The professor's wife suddenly changed her mood in this movie of John, watch the trailer

John Abraham has made a Marathi film called ‘Sabita Damodar Paranjape’. Directed by Joshi in Swapna Waghmare, Subodh Bhabha, Tripti Todarmal (daughter of theater artist Madhukar Todarmal) and Tum Bin Wale Rakesh Bapat have played important roles.

The film is set to release on August 31 The film is based on the popular drama of the same name by Sabita Damodar Paranjap He wants to have an extramarital affair It is based on the true story of a lover deceived in love The play is starring Rajan Tamhane and Rima Lagu.

Excited about his new debut, John says, “Despite being an actor in Hindi films, I am angry to say that the best content of the film is not in Hindi movies, but in regional language films. The reason is when your budget is wasted.

John said that Sabita Damodar Paranjape has a lot of strength in the story of the film and now that the trend has already started, the film could also be remade in Hindi.

John said that even when he first heard it, he felt that it should be made in Marathi. John later wanted to work in Marathi but is currently concentrating on his Satyamev Jayate film. The film is based on a battle. Police against a policeman, will clash with Akshay Kumar’s gold on August 15, the story of the first gold medal of the Indian hockey team in independent India.

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