Video: Teaser of ‘Chit India’ released, the right of people to be killed in this way

Emran Hashmi is like an official babu in it and the story is about getting admitted in a competitive exam through scandal.
Video: Teaser of 'Chit India' released, the right of people to be killed in this way

The first look of Imran Hashmi’s new film ‘Chit India’ has been released. It makes him look like a government babu and the story is about entering a competitive exam illegally. The teaser gives an idea about the story and also creates curiosity to watch it. The film is set to release on January 25 next year. Now the trailer will be released soon.

It is directed by Soumik Sen, who created ‘Rose Gang’, he wrote it. The film is being produced by Bhushan Kumar of T-Series. Famous photographer Atul Kasbekar has also invested in it and so has Parveen Hashmi (Imran’s wife). Running movies based on content have created a good environment for it because its story is also visible. It is also said to be inspired by the MP’s scandal. Pre-medical examination fraud in Rajasthan in 2010 has also been included.

The heroine is nowhere to be seen in the whole teaser. It is shocking that the teaser of Imran Hashmi’s movie has been released and the heroine has not been seen in it. By the way, Shreya Dhanvantari is working on it.

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