Video: Sunny Leone’s biopic trailer release, the story begins with a teenager

The web series is set to air on Zee5 on the 16th of this month.
Video: Sunny Leone's biopic trailer release, the story begins with a teenager

Sunny Leone’s struggles and achievements will be featured in her upcoming biopic ‘Karanjit Kaur – The Untold Story of Sunny Leone’. Released trailer.

Trailer level OK. Clearly, the story of Sunny Leone has started from adolescence and it has been shown from a porn star to a Bollywood heroine. Of course some people’s eyes may be skewed towards the content of the trailer.

The series is set to air on Zee5 on the 16th of this month. The team is also preparing for the second event. Sunny is playing her own role in it, but her husband Daniel Weber is not taking part in it.

Weber recently said, ‘At first I thought about it but then it seemed like three months was too much. I can’t give so much time to acting. I also have all the work related to the company. My daily activities may be stopped due to my absence, so I did not play my role in the biopic.

The team has chosen South African actor Mark Buckner as Daniel. Weber said: ‘The team has tested his look. He was selected after this test in Cape Town. Now Mark is busy understanding the script. He also has to do the work of dialogue delivery. The biggest thing is that they have to get my tattoo done, which I think will be a very difficult task for them.

Will Sunny have any problem working on Mark’s arrival? Will he be able to work with Mark normally? In response, Daniel said, “Sunny knows exactly what the camera wants and what the audience expects from her character. Mark and Sunny sit together before acting in each scene and understand how they should do as a couple. I just told him to look confident on screen.

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Sunny has seen many ups and downs in her career. Even today, the actress is facing many questions and complaints due to her past. It is true that Sunny started her career as a porn star.

Before entering the porn industry, Sunny’s name was Karanjit Kaur. The Punjabi girl, who lives in Canada, admits that she was exposed to hate mail at an early age.

Sunny has made it clear that she has a habit of listening badly, even outside India she is not treated differently. Sunny said she has been receiving bad and bad mail since she was 21 years old. It has been said that he will enter the porn industry. Sunny says this had to happen in India, she has heard a lot in other countries as well. Sunny believes that it is not a matter of country … it is a matter of society.

Sunny is seen in many advertisements today. His last film was with Arbaaz Khan whose name was ‘Tera Intezar’. Sunny started her film career in India with Mahesh Bhatt’s film Jism 2. The film is directed by Pooja Bhatt, daughter of Mahesh Bhatt.

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