Video: Sister Khushi hugs Jahnbi in the trailer launch of ‘Dharak’

Sister Jahnbi’s tears of joy came out when she saw her dream come true.
Video: Sister Khushi hugs Jahnbi in the trailer launch of 'Dharak'

Mumbai Today was a special day for the Kapoor family. Today, June 11, the trailer of Sridevi and Bani Kapoor’s eldest daughter Jahnavi’s first movie ‘Dharak’ has been launched. It was also an emotional moment for the whole family. Ahead of the trailer launch, elder brother Arjun Kapoor posted a heartfelt and anchoring post about Jahnavi on Instagram, saying the sister got emotional during the trailer launch on a happy afternoon. At the launch event of this trailer, her sister Jahnavi broke down in tears as she saw her dream come true.

A video of the launch of this trailer is going viral on social media where the two sisters are hugging each other and tears of joy are reflected in this emotional moment but she is smiling and managing herself.

Let it be known that the trailer of Ishan Khattar and Jahnbi Kapoor’s movie ‘Dharak’ has been released on Monday. Produced by Karan Johar, the film is a Hindi remake of Marathi film ‘Sairat’ directed by Shashank Khaitan. Their chemistry is more deeply visible in the photo trailer.

Recently, during his interview for a magazine, Jahnbi said that Khushi takes great care of me. Now and then she caresses me and puts me to sleep. Jahnavi admits that he was completely dependent on his mother Sridevi. “I was always a child in front of him,” she said. The first thing I wanted when I woke up was my mom.

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The whole story of the film is set in Haryana, while ‘Sairat’ is made with Maharashtra in mind. The issue of owner murder and cast politics can be shown in the film. This is why the story of the film has been shifted to Haryana as the stories of Honor Killing are very relevant there.

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