Video: Salman misses his hometown because of AYUSH

Besides meeting the locals, Ayush made a video.
Video: Salman misses his hometown because of AYUSH

Bandra’s Galaxy apartment has been Salman Khan’s address for many years, but now he remembers his childhood home in Indore. In fact, Salman was taken to Smriti Road by his younger brother-in-law Ayush Sharma, who arrived in Indore to promote Lavratri and visited the house where Salman was born.

Ayush is making her Bollywood debut with ‘Lavratri’, which also stars Warina Hussain. AYUSH is traveling from city to city to promote the film. In the sequel, he arrives in Indore, where he meets fans in addition to family acquaintances. Ayush received a warm welcome in Salman’s town, above all he was his son-in-law there. Salman shared the video of AYUSH’s visit and wrote – After watching this video in Indore, the memories of his childhood home became completely fresh.

Besides meeting the locals, Ayush made a video. We tell you that Salman was born on December 27, 1965 at Kalyanmal Nursing Home and spent most of his childhood on Plassia Campus. Salman did his primary education at Scindia School Gwalior, where his brother Arbaaz Khan was with him. Some members of Salman’s extended family still live there. Salman is very passionate about Indore and often goes there on the pretext of promoting movies.

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A few years ago, Salman also went to Indore to promote Joy Ho. Then I remember Salman’s childhood. Then in an interview, Salman said that the days when a boy rode his bicycle around Palasia, ate ice cream and enjoyed kite flying were gone. Then Salman said, the city has changed a lot. Now there is no place for cycling and no peace like before. However, as far as the hobby of cycling is concerned, Salman still fulfills it in Mumbai.

Earlier, Salman also visited Indore during the 2009 mayoral election, where he held a rally in support of a candidate.

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