VIDEO: Priya Prakash’s new song teaser release

Priya Prakash Warrior is seen with her onscreen boyfriend Roshan Abdul Rahuf and other cast.
VIDEO: Priya Prakash's new song teaser release

Mumbai Priya Prakash Variyar, an 18-year-old from Kerala, stunned the internet overnight for showing an amazing expression in her eyes in the song ‘Manikya Malaraya Puvi …’ from Malayalam film Oru Ginger Love. The first 26 seconds of Priya’s release caused a great deal of panic.

Now another song teaser of this movie has been released so that Priya Prakash Warrior can be seen with her onscreen boyfriend Roshan Abdul Rahoof and other cast. The song ‘Munnale Ponale …’ was also shot in a school dress.

We would like to inform you that with the popularity of Priya Prakash spreading across the country, the producer of the film has decided to capitalize on it and it is said that this is why it has been decided to release Oru Ginger Lav in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi now. As well. Done. Apart from Priya, Roshan Abdul Rauf and Nurin Sharif have also acted in the college romance directed by Omar Lulu.

Watch the video here:

Now the situation is such that Priya has surpassed even Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of social media Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg owns Facebook as well as Instagram and now the number of followers of Priya Prakash Warrior has surpassed Zuckerberg’s followers.

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In fact, this year 2018, Priya Prakash Variety’s name appears in the list of the most searched actresses on Google. Earlier, Sunny Leone’s name was in this list. But Priya has surpassed Sunny. This year, Priya has been searched more on Google than Sunny Leone.

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