Video: Imran Hashmi is the ghazal singer for the song ‘Chit India’

Seeing Imran become a ghazal singer, this song may seem a bit strange.
Video: Imran Hashmi is the ghazal singer for the song 'Chit India'

Imran Hashmi’s ‘Chit India’ is a film that will look at the trend of counterfeiting in the country as well as its ill-effects. . The lyrics of the song are ‘Phir Mulak’. This song is sung by Zubin Notial. The song is sung on screen by Imran Hashmi, also in the style of a ghazal singer. Average song, romantic filming.

Imran Hashmi has become such a swindler who is making a fuss about children’s education, charging hefty fees from engineering-medical students, taking him as his own to get exams from someone else. Profession and have become millionaires

The movie Chit India will be released on January 25, 2019. Imran is not only working on the production team’s ‘Chit India’, which has made successful films like ‘Neerja’ and ‘Tumhari Tumhari Sulu’, but is also producing the film. This film is based on true events. Soumik Sen has been given the responsibility of directing the film. Chit India is not a rogue film but a story about the flaws in India’s education system and how education has become a parallel corrupt and greedy system. Where Imran is claiming, there is intelligence in imitation.

Describing this, Imran Hashmi said, “The story and name of ‘Chit India’ is very strong. It’s a very impressive story that I’ve been excited about since I read that I’m going to do this kind of story in my film life. I am also very excited to work with director Soumik Sen. Also, the producer of the film is my favorite. “

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Director Soumik Sen said this is the story of every student who is under the pressure of studying. Everyone will find themselves connected to this story. ‘ Prominent fashion photographer Atul Kasbekar is also involved in the making of the film.

Shreya Dhanvantari is going to enter the world of Bollywood with this film. In 2010, Shreya acted in the Telugu film ‘Sneh Geetham’. Since then, Shreya has been a part of many web series. Her popular series is ‘The Reunion’ and Yash Raj’s web series ‘Ladies Room’. In ‘Ladies Room’, Shreya Khanna played the role of a girl who became quite famous.

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