Video: Akshay Kumar shares secrets of ‘2.0’ scene

Many posters of the film have been released on Akshay Kumar’s birthday.
Video: Akshay Kumar shares secrets of '2.0' scene

Viewers are eagerly waiting for ‘2.0’ starring Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth. The wait has become more impatient since the release of the teaser. Now Akshay has shared the making video of some of the sequences in the film, which will really amaze you how VFX artists from all over the world have created a different world.

In the Shankar-directed film, Akshay Kumar plays a mad scientist who is fighting against the environmental hazards posed by mobile phone towers. This is a sequel to Rajinikanth’s film Athiran, where Rajini scientist Dr. Vasigaran and the sophisticated robot played the role of Chitty. This time, Chitti will face the character of super power Akshay Kumar. The video that Akshay shared of making the film shows how technologists around the world have worked tirelessly for this film.

Accordingly, 25 VFX studios around the world have produced 2150 VFX shots. 1000 VFX artists have worked on it. A team of 10 concept artists, 25 3D designers and 500 craftsmen have worked hard to make the visuals of 2.0 amazing. 4 well-known action directors Kenny Bates, Steve Griffin, Nick Powell and Silva have choreographed action sequences for the film. 3000 technologists from all over the world have contributed to the creation of 2.0. The budget of the film is said to be more than 500 crores. That’s why Akshay wrote with this video – the team’s limitless efforts.

Apart from Tamil and Telugu, 2.0 has also been made in Hindi. Though the film was supposed to be released in November this year, it has been reported that the release has been changed a few days ago. Although it has not been officially confirmed. It is also rumored that Aishwarya Rai may make a cameo in the film, who was the main lady of Andheran. The teaser of the film was released on Ganesh Chaturdashi, which was watched by over 32 million people in 24 hours. Many posters of the film have been released on Akshay Kumar’s birthday. The film stars Amy Jackson in the lead role. Karan Johar’s company is also involved in the production of this film.

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