Vegetable price update The prices of vegetables have been skyrocketing for the last several days but now the prices of green vegetables have come down sharply. The common man, disturbed by expensive vegetables, has now got some relief. It may be recalled that till a few days ago, green vegetables were being sold at Rs. Of villages and towns. At the same time, the prices of vegetables in the cities have come down by Rs 20 to 30 per kg.

Decreased demand for green vegetables

In fact, the wedding season is in full swing. Due to which the demand for green vegetables has also come down. In the local town of Kashi Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh, Nineva, Bhandi, Torai, bitter gourd and bitter gourd were being sold at Rs. 5 per kg, while parval was sold at Rs. Due to the high price of tomatoes, it is still far from the plate of the poor.

According to government data, the average retail price of tomato has increased by 54.74% from Rs 26.27 to Rs 41.11 in the last one month. Onion prices declined by 9.18%. According to the latest data provided on the website of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, the average price of onion has come down from Rs 26.36 to Rs 23.94. Potatoes are in high demand at weddings. The price of potato has increased by 7.82% from Rs. 21.36 to Rs. 23.03 per kg. In most retail markets, the price is between Rs 10-20 per kg.