UP Legislative Assembly. July 6 is going to be a dark day for the Congress party in the parliamentary history of Uttar Pradesh. In fact, this is the first time in the 113-year parliamentary history that the Congress’ representation in the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council has been reduced to zero. The Congress party will be completely wiped out from the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council. Deepak Singh, the lone Congress party member in the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council, expires on July 6. Ever since Motilal Nehru, a key Congress leader, one or the other member has been a member of the UP Legislative Council, but this is the first time in 113 years that there has not been a single member of the Congress. This house.

The UP Legislative Council was formed in 1887.

Let me tell you that the Legislative Council was established in Uttar Pradesh on January 5, 1887. At that time there were 9 members in the UP Legislative Assembly but after the 1909 Act the number of members was increased to 46 in which the number of non-official members was kept at 26. Out of these members, 20 were elected and 6 were nominated.

Motilal Nehru became a member of the Legislative Council on February 7, 1909. Motilal Nehru is considered to be the first elected member of the UP Legislative Assembly. But later in 1920, due to Mahatma Gandhi’s non-cooperation movement, many members resigned from the UP Legislative Assembly. At that time, Uttar Pradesh was called the United Provinces.

The Congress was dominant in the first House.

The UP Legislative Assembly was dominated by the Congress till 1989. Only in 1977 and 1979 was the leadership of the Legislative Council held by the then Janata Party, but gradually the Congress party has shrunk in the last 33 years. After the recent Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, the Congress has reached the lowest position. In the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, only 2 MLAs of the Congress party have been elected and returned home.