UP Assembly Election 2022: PM Modi targets SP, says beware of fake socialists

UP Assembly Election 2022: PM Modi targets SP, says beware of fake socialists

PM Modi addressed the people at a virtual election rally and asked them to beware of bogus socialists.
UP Assembly Election 2022: PM Modi targets SP, says beware of fake socialists

UP Assembly Election 2022: BJP is taking UP Assembly elections very seriously. The battle here is not only to save our strong fortress but also an opportunity to gauge the mood of the people for the future. Therefore, Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has fully campaigned in support of his party’s candidates. PM Modi today addressed the people and party workers of five districts of western Uttar Pradesh, Meerut, Ghaziabad, Aligarh, Hapoor and Noida through a virtual rally in Janchopal program. He was accompanied by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. He directly targeted the Samajwadi Party and appealed to the people to beware of bogus socialists. He said that these fake socialists were waiting for the opportunity and as soon as they came to power the old system of looting would be re-established.

Highlights of PM Modi’s speech

  • UP has seen many elections since independence, many governments have been formed and disintegrated. But this election is different. This election is to maintain the identity of security, dignity and prosperity. This is to keep the election history sheets out and make new history.
  • I am happy that the people of Uttar Pradesh have made up their mind that they will not allow riots and mafia to seize power of the state behind the scenes.
  • Until 5 years ago, these mafias did not allow the benefits of central schemes to reach the poor, backward, backward people of UP. He did not follow the whims of the central schemes, there was no corruption, so he has put a brake on these schemes.
  • They will hand over the real estate mafia to the pockets of the middle class. Who knows him better than the people of Noida-Ghaziabad? From the ration mafia to the commission mafia, from the contract mafia to the mining mafia, the fake socialists are ready to return to their old incarnation.
  • If they get a chance, they will stop the fictitious socialists with the help of thousands of crores given to the family farmers. These fictitious Socialist MSPs will prevent money from flowing into farmers’ bank accounts. The free rations you get in the Corona era, these fake socialists will leave you hungry.
  • The first dose of Corona vaccine has been given to 100% of the people in UP today. More than 70% of people have already taken a second dose. This is the appropriate response from the people of UP, who used to spread rumors and question the vaccine.
  • You know better than me that the government before 2017 looted in the name of Expressway. Purvanchal and Delhi-Meerut expressways have been completed under Yogiji’s government. Their development was on paper, it proved that these socialists are also only family members.
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