Trolled user saw Disha Patni's small purse and said- what's in it, condom?

Trolled user saw Disha Patni’s small purse and said- what’s in it, condom?

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Malaika Aurora is known for her bold style. If anyone can match Malaika in style, it is just a matter of instruction. Recently, Disha was spotted at the screening of her alleged boyfriend Tiger Shroff’s film ‘Hiropanti 2’. Disha had a small purse in her hand. Disha was trolled by social media users with this purse.

Lavender dress looks sexy
Disha Patani was wearing a lavender colored short cut dress. He kept his hair open. Disha had a very small purse in his hand.

Users trolled
Social media users were surprised to see a small purse in Disha’s hand. One user said, ‘What’s in a purse? Drink spices? ‘ Another said, ‘What’s in this purse? Condoms? ‘ Then another commented, ‘Which lock in Disha’s hand?’

Even a small purse is so expensive!
According to media reports, the purse in Disha’s hand was valued at around Rs 46,000.

Talking about Disha Patani’s work front, she was last seen in ‘Radhe: Your Most Wanted Brother’. Although Disha Patani and Tiger Shroff dated each other, neither of them accepted the relationship.

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