Top 5 Big Thing In Technology

Technology is a fast-evolving industry. Every day we learn about new technology introduced. But not all technologies succeed.

Today, we’re going to talk about 5 Technology Trends that will eventually become big things in the tech world.

1. Artificial Technology:

Currently, computers work on commands. This means a computer is capable of doing thousands of calculations in seconds but it needs human commands to operate. It cannot do things on its own.

Through Artificial Intelligence scientists are trying to make computers able to operate with almost zero or minimum human intervention. This will make operations much faster than ever. Big companies like Google, Microsoft, Meta, Apple, etc are already using this technology to automate things.

2. Autonomous Driving:

You must have heard about Tesla Cars that have autopilot mode. But currently, those cars cannot run more than 5 minutes on auto-pilot mode. Autonomous driving is still in the development phase but it has the potential to become a big thing in the near future.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

Have you ever played or heard of the Pokemon Go game? If yes then let me tell you that it is Augmented reality. And have you heard of Metaverse? That is the Virtual World. In simple words, Augmented reality enhances reality while virtual reality keeps you away from reality.

It seems crazy but in 5-10 years we all might be using it extensively. Google is working on maps based on AR while Meta is working on a new kind of social media world that’s meta-verse. So no doubt it is going to be a big thing soon.

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3. Machine Learning:

We humans have come to this point through evolution for thousands of years. We tried, we failed and we learned from our mistakes. Now we’re trying to give this learning skill to machines. So that machines can also learn from their mistakes and make themselves smart.

Machine Learning Technology is being used in many fields and will be used in weapons, robots, and many sectors in upcoming years.

5. Reusable Rockets:

For now, all the space agencies in the world are using single-use rockets for all purposes. And this is a complete wastage of resources. But we must understand that we have limited resources and that’s why we have to use our resources smartly.

Also if we want to colonise other planets or natural satellites then we’ll have to develop rockets/spaceships that can be used multiple times which will reduce the space travel cost enormously.

A private-sector space company SpaceX is already working on this technology and they have also got some success in their trials this proves that this can be done and all the govt sector space agencies should collaborate and develop this kind of technology. And hopefully, we’ll be able to see rockets being used multiple times shortly.