This was Ranbir Singh’s first meeting with Deepika Padukone

Ranbir said that Deepika came after the gown that day.
This was Ranbir Singh's first meeting with Deepika Padukone

People have seen many love stories of Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Singh on screen. The story of her real life love affair is also heard a lot. News of their marriage is always in the headlines. But did you know that Ranbir Singh fell in love with Deepika for the first time.

Ranbir has opened this in front of everyone. At a recent event, Ranbir Singh mentioned the incident of having four eyes with Deepika. Ranbir said- Deepika came after the gown that day. Looks like a statue of beauty. That day was my birthday. I sat down to dinner with my parents and sister. Then I whispered in my parents’ ear- Look at that Deepika Padukone. So he asked would you say hello to him? I said yes, yes of course. Then Deepika and her companions started leaving. I was going to say hello to him but then I ate something that made my face hurt. There was a reaction.

Ranbir said that this was the first time he had met me. I wanted to give him my impression but his face was broken. I was just thinking about my face while talking to him. Her face was bursting with hives and I was trying to save her from the light so that Deepika could not see. According to Ranbir, I think about what I took from there that day. How can this happen when someone fills his crush?

Both Deepika and Ranbir have already acknowledged the extramarital affair but have always avoided talking about their personal issues. Recently, at a function in Delhi, Deepika Padukone flatly refused to speak on the question of marriage. However, there are reports in the media that ‘Deepbir’ may get married on November 12 this year.

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