These are things you should never cook in an iron pan

MUMBAI: People often cook food in iron pots to make up for iron deficiency. Cooking food in iron pots has many health benefits. An adult woman needs 18 mg of iron daily, while her food intake may improve if her food is cooked regularly in an iron container for four months.

Despite the innumerable benefits of cooking in an iron pot, did you know that if you do not use these utensils properly while cooking, you can run into many health problems. Here are some things to keep in mind before using iron pots for cooking.

Do not cook sour or acidic things in iron pots. This type of food can react with iron, causing an unpleasant metallic taste in the food. This is why it is recommended to cook curry made from curry, rasam, sambar or tomato in a stainless steel container.

Green vegetables made in an iron pan quickly turn black. This is due to the iron content present in it. Which is not good for health. There are two reasons why vegetables turn black, either by not cleaning the pan properly or by leaving food in an iron container after cooking. Don’t do it at all. Immediately transfer food cooked in an iron container to another container, especially glass or enamel container.

It is not right to cook in an iron pot every day. Cook only two to three times a week. Use mild detergent to wash iron pots. Wipe them with a cloth immediately after washing. Remember, never use a rough scrubber.

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Before storing iron pots, apply a thin layer of mustard oil on them to prevent rust. Always keep pots in a clean and dry place where water and moisture do not rust.

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