These are the most expensive underwear in the world

Mumbai – You’ve heard of millions of jeans and suits, but have you heard of such expensive underwear? If not here’s a new product just for you! The name of this lingerie is ‘Spartan’ which was brought to the world at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018. At this good price you can buy a OnePlus 3T smartphone.

By wearing these briefs, up to 99 percent of radiation can be prevented from reaching the genitals. This underwear costs $ 50 (about Rs. 31,000). This jacket is made by a French startup. It contains silver fiber to prevent radiation. The company says that keeping a smartphone in one’s pocket is harmful and its radiation damages the genitals. In this condition, these short harmful waves do not reach the genitals.

The name of this company (Nice Laundry). The price of this underwear is 69,000 rupees. This underwear also has gold thread embroidery.

The name of this underwear (Derek Rose Ballet Pure Silk Classic Boxer). Price Rs 11,757.

– The name of this underwear (Versus Barocco Animalmalia Brief). Which is 10500 rupees.

The name of this underwear (Oakley Carbon-X Underwear). Price Rs 10,202.

The name of this lingerie (Frigo No. 1 Exclusive Boxer Brief). Priced at Rs 7,557.

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