These are the beach babes of Bollywood, they look awesome in bikinis

These are the beach babes of Bollywood, they look awesome in bikinis

Mumbai: The case of Bollywood beach babes is different. After the bikini, she jumped into the sea and then caught fire not only in the water but also in the heart.

Alia Bhatt
Alia Bhatt also likes the waves of the sea. Given a chance, Alia reaches the most beautiful shores of the world.

Malaika Aurora
Malaika Aurora is no less than a mermaid. Whenever he gets a chance, he goes for a walk in the sea. And then ignites the water.

Mauni Roy
Mauni Roy is one of the bravest actresses in the TV and film industry. On which the fans are ready to die. These beauties are setting fire from the sea of ​​Dubai to the sea of ​​Maldives.

Sara Ali Khan
The list also includes the name of Sara Ali Khan. She never misses a chance to flaunt a perfect figure with matching sunglasses.

Disha Patani
What about Disha Patani’s bikini look? Every picture of Disha is a witness to her hotness. Disha Patani is a fan of both sea waves and bikinis. So he can’t stay away from them for long.

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