The trouble between Shah Rukh Khan and Bua Singh will continue

In the future, Bauer will have such a fun conversation.
The trouble between Shah Rukh Khan and Bua Singh will continue

A gentleman has just arrived on a new Twitter. He himself does not know where Tis Mar Khan realized that he had just begun to shake off his heroism. What’s more, he started arrogantly targeting Shah Rukh Khan. He describes himself as Mirat and his name is Baua Singh. It is a matter of pride that the height of Qutub Minar also decreases. But, Bauwa Singh was overwhelmed with trouble with King Khan and Shah Rukh imposed a class on Baua Singh that now Bogra is peeking out.

Bauwa Singh joined Twitter on October 25 and got involved with Shah Rukh on October 26. Bauwa Singh, who specializes in long skipping, wrote a status – “Hey brother Shah Rukh, my mother praised you a lot today, said you look like me. We said yes, dimples are beans, but fix your dressing sense, Guru.

After reading this status, you must have understood that Baua Singh has teased Shah Rukh in his arrogance. Shah Rukh, whose dressing style is even used as an example by dress designers, is mocking Bauwa Singh King Khan’s dressing sense.

King Khan remained silent after so many things? Shah Rukh has also given a worthy answer to Baua Singh in his own language. He retweeted Bauer’s tweet and wrote: “Bauya Singh, my mother used to say people make clothes, men don’t make clothes. Looking at your DP (picture on Twitter account) it seems that my dressing sense will not be like yours even at the age of seven. The rest are dimples like me, thank you for that. You look like a very nice person, wrong, a good person.

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Tell me who this Baua Singh is at the end of it all. He is the main character of Baua Singh Shah Rukh’s upcoming film Zero, which has been shown from Meerut. Baua is actually a loud dwarf, who is in his own tune and doesn’t mind anyone in front of him. King Khan has introduced this character to his fans in a very interesting way.

Earlier, Baua made a funny tweet – listen. We are depressed. He didn’t even get married, otherwise he would have played ludu with his wife. Tell any film to waste time.

Zero is directed by Anand El Rai and is set to release in December this year. In the future, Bauer will have such a fun conversation. Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma have female lead roles in the film, and many Bollywood actresses will be seen in guest roles. Salman Khan is also doing a cameo in the film, a hint of which has been seen through the release of a teaser on Eid.

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