The superstar can play the lead role in the biopic ‘Gulshan Kumar’

Ranbir understands the need for character in biopic very well.
The superstar can play the lead role in the biopic 'Gulshan Kumar'

It is learned that Ranbir Kapoor has now received an offer from the top of the music industry for Gulshan Kumar’s biopic ‘Mughal’. That being said, no one except Aamir Khan made this offer.

Gulshan Kumar’s son Bhushan Kumar announced in 2017 to make a biopic of his father. For his role, Bhushan chose Akshay Kumar and also released a poster announcing it. The biopic was supposed to be released this year. No further news was found about this biopic. Then suddenly it was heard that Akshay has left the biopic of Gulshan Kumar. The reason behind this is that Akshay was not satisfied with the story. Bhushan then talked about making a biopic of his father with another big superstar. Then the speculation started about who can cast Superstar Bhushan. Aamir Khan’s name was included in most of the speculations that he needed a great actor to play the role of Gulshan Kumar.

Aamir has proved his mettle in the biopic film through ‘Dangal’. In this film, he played the role of wrestling coach Mahabir Fogat and the transformation he made for it is an example in itself. Recently, when the news came that Aamir Khan has joined the movie ‘Mughal’, the speculation started again that Aamir may be Gulshan Kumar in this movie. But now news is coming that Aamir Khan has approached Ranbir Kapoor for this character.

Everyone is impressed with the honesty and perfection that Ranbir has played the role of Sanjay Dutt in ‘Sanju’. Seeing him, it seems that Ranbir understands the need for a biopic character. If media reports are to be believed, there has been only intense discussion with Ranbir about the biopic, but no conclusion has yet been reached. There are reports that Aamir himself has met Ranbir. Ranbir has a good relationship with Aamir. The two princes have teamed up in Hirani’s PK, where Aamir was in the lead role, where Ranbir made a dazzling appearance in the climax.

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Ranbir is currently shooting for ‘Brahmastra’ directed by Ayan Mukherjee. At the same time, ‘Sanju’ has become a blockbuster at the box office. The film may soon surpass Aamir Khan’s Lifetime Collection (340.85 Crores) in ‘PK’.

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