The star cast of ‘Hindi Medium 2’ will change because of Sara Ali Khan

Likes to be someone else’s daughter across the screen, not her dad.
The star cast of 'Hindi Medium 2' will change because of Sara Ali Khan

A few days ago there was news that Sara Ali Khan, who has not yet been seen on the big screen, is going to work with father Saif Ali Khan very soon, but that is not the case. Likes to be someone else’s daughter across the screen, not her dad.

The news was that Sara and Saif Ali Khan will be in the sequel of ‘Hindi Medium’ directed by Nitin Kakkar. The last time Irrfan Khan worked with Pakistani artist Saba Kamar and went to teach his daughter in English, Mare-Mare Firre. It was said that this time the story will go ahead and the young woman will be shown. Saif Ali Khan verbally said yes to the film and preparations are underway to shoot the film in London and Mumbai. An actress of the same age was also sought for Saif as his wife but it was said that despite Saif Ali Khan’s yes, Sara did not agree to work in the film.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that Irrfan Khan is being considered for re-cast in the sequel and in such a scenario, Sara may have to be persuaded for the film again. However, this is not possible in the near future as Irfan is currently undergoing treatment for cancer in London. His film ‘Caravan’ has been released and there is no official word on when he will return to India. Nowadays Sara Ali Khan is waiting for the release of her first film. As the release date of her film ‘Kedarnath’ has changed, it is said that Sara’s first film will be ‘Simba’, directed by Rohit Sethi and starring Ranbir Singh in the lead role. Sara’s ‘Kedarnath’ will now be released next year with Sushant Singh Rajput as its protagonist.

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