The sensor has changed many scenes of ‘2point0’

A total of seven changes were suggested in Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar’s 2.0.
The sensor has changed many scenes of '2point0'

The trailer of Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar’s movie ‘2.0’ is getting a lot of views. With just a few days left before the release of the film, advance booking of the film is also starting from tomorrow. Meanwhile, the news came that the 2.0 image was passed by the censor board with U / A certificate but the censor board asked to make some changes in the image. It is learned that the censor board asked to mute some words and replace some words.

After that the film is given a certificate. There are about seven changes to the image. The word unicell has been replaced in the picture. At the same time that scene has been blurred in the film. In this scene, the mobile phone is seen coming out of the stomach. In addition, the dialogue has changed. The sensor made these changes before issuing the certificate.

Let me inform you, the running time of the film has been kept at two hours and 26 minutes. The special thing is that it is one of the smallest pictures made by director Shankar. Akshay Kumar is in a negative role in the film. This is the first time Akshay has acted in a South Indian film. The VFX of the film has been shot differently, for the first time Akshay Kumar will be seen opposite Rajinikanth. The film will be released on November 29.

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