The Salman-Jacqueline duo was supposed to be formed a year ago

Asin’s name comes later, Jacqueline’s first name.
The Salman-Jacqueline duo was supposed to be formed a year ago

Jacqueline Fernandez’s first film is not ‘Aladdin’. Salmon himself has revealed that Jacqueline’s launch is going to be with her from the movie ‘London Dreams’. Asin later became an actress in the film, whose first name was Jacqueline. Salman said, some reasons are not going to work. He later started his career with the film ‘Aladdin’ opposite Ritesh Deshmukh.

Jacqueline’s early pictures were not very successful. But he got a lot of success through the movie ‘Kick’. Regarding his equation with Jacqueline, Salman said that he has not changed a bit in so many years. He is as he was after coming from Sri Lanka.

Salman said that he is going to launch with London Dreams. But it took a long time to make the film, so Jacqueline Aladdin got the film, so she was launched from that film. Salman says that Jacqueline is very hardworking and she is trying to grow herself every day. Trying to learn something new every day and so he is sure he will continue to do better in the future.

It is rumored that Remo may have Jacqueline and Salman in another dance film. Currently, the drive will be released after Jacqueline’s ‘Race 3’. He also has the opportunity to act in ‘Kick 2’.

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