The girl made some strict rules to control her boyfriend

Mumbai – It is believed that a relationship can only get better if there is trust between the partners. But one girl made 8 rules for her boyfriend. Which is being discussed on social media. In fact, the girl made a video saying her 8 rules. The ticket received over 3 million views. Fans of the girl have a different opinion about the video. Some have praised her. On the other hand, the other side believes that so much control shows the problem of trust.

Describing her own rules in the video, the girl said, “Today I am going to talk about some controversial rules that I will abide by my boyfriend. Disclaimer: All my boyfriends have followed these rules so far. If you are like them. ‘Oh my God I could never be!’ Well, otherwise there will be someone else. ‘

First- However, all the girls with whom you have a romantic conversation need to be blocked.
Other- I don’t want to follow any girl since the day I started dating.
Third- No need to look for a girl in the handlebars.
IV- Do not like pictures of girls.
Fifth Not answering anyone’s story.
Sixth- Scroll through the search page to show no more than one girl at a time.
Seventh- If a girl constantly posts bikini pictures, she has to unfollow.
Eighth- Do not click on the link tree.

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