The first wife said if you do not have fun, bring the second wife, the husband has been married 9 times – see

Mumbai – Nowadays it is difficult for some men to save their wives. But have you ever seen a man who has 9 wives, not 1, 2, 3? You may be surprised to hear about 9 wives, but for your information this boy will still marry 2 daughters. Let us know who this person is.

Last year, a man surprised the world by getting married in a strange way in Brazil. A man named Arthur and Urso became very famous by marrying 9 girls, not 1. However, many on social media have trolled Arthur for such incidents. The annoying thing is that if he doesn’t have this model even after being trolled, then he will marry 2 more girls.

According to a report, the wife of this model is going to divorce him. To this end, Arthur decided to marry 2 more young women, increasing the number of wives to 10. He will be surprised to know that his first wife persuaded him to marry 9 daughters. Arthur’s first wife, Luana Kazaki, is an adult model. The couple decided to get married in a strange way after their honeymoon. One wife is devastated. That’s why he wants a divorce. Arthur said that Agatha wanted them to live together as normal husband and wife. But Arthur interrupts and they decide to separate.

He always wanted to have 10 wives. She currently has only one daughter. Another surprise is that Arthur wants one child from each of his wives. He said his other wives love each other very much. Agatha, however, was thrilled to be involved in the relationship. Agatha had no love or affection from other wives. Disliked by this, Arthun decides to divorce.

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