The Congress leader was celebrating in a closed room with another woman when his wife arrived

Gujarat News: Congress leader Bharat Singh Solanki was caught by his wife along with another woman. Whose video is going viral.
The Congress leader was celebrating in a closed room with another woman when his wife arrived
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Gujarat News: Former Congress President and Union Minister of Gujarat Bharat Singh Solanki’s video is going viral. This video was made by his wife Reshna Patel. Reshma has alleged that the Congress leader has an affair with another woman. A legal battle is raging between the two in this regard. In fact, Reshma Patel was informed that her husband was in the room with another woman. Meanwhile, Reshma arrived with some people. When he saw the husband and wife together, he made a video of them. Slap this woman too.

Try to hide the face.

As soon as Reshma Patel entered the room. There she loses consciousness when she sees her husband and another woman. Say good and bad in Gujarati. Then start making videos. Meanwhile, the woman begins to cover her face. Then Reshma comes from behind and slaps him.

Accused of domestic violence

There has been a long running feud between Bharat Singh Solanki and his wife. Both have been charged with assault several times. A few months back, Reshma had accused the Congress leader of domestic violence and harassment. He has filed a petition in Borsad court.

Kicked out of the house

Reshma Patel alleged that her husband used to beat her every day. He was kicked out of the house several times. Threat of political arrest. Went abroad to save the honor of home. When I returned, I found that my husband had changed. But then he raised his hand and threw her out of the house. It is noteworthy that Bharat Singh is the son of former Chief Minister Madhu Singh Solanki.

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