The censor board has changed the name of ‘Chit India’ before its release

After removing the drug scene from the film and changing the name, the censor board gave Imran Hashmi’s film a U / A certificate.
The censor board has changed the name of 'Chit India' before its release

MumbaiRecently, the trailer of Imran Hashmi’s upcoming movie ‘Chit India’ has been launched. The tagline of the film is ‘Nakal Mein Hai, Akal Hai’, which was objected to by the Central Board of Film Certification. After the objection, the name of the film has been changed to ‘Ken Chit India’.

We tell you that the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) objected to the release of Imran Hashmi’s film ‘Chit India’ on January 18. The film has since been renamed ‘Ken Chit India’. Tanuj Garg, who is producing the film with Bhushan Kumar, Atul Kasbekar and Imran Hashmi, has confirmed this. Tanuj said, ‘Yes, the board did not like the previous title of the film, there was a worrying response from the board. Our team discussed the matter with the board and decided to change the name of the picture.

The board said the title was misleading

Tanuj added that although the film’s trailer and TV promo had already appeared with the original title, after the board’s objections, we also felt that it would lead to a double dialogue with the audience. So I decided to change the title of the film keeping in mind the time. Sources in the committee told the media that after seeing the film, the review committee felt that the title of the film was misleading.

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The makers argue

In Bird’s objection, the filmmakers argued that the title has been in the public domain for the past two years, yet the film has been promoted under the same name. It will not be easy for him to suddenly change the name of the picture before its release. However, the committee did not change its decision and the matter was referred to another committee. The second committee also suggested changing the title of the film while upholding the decision of the first committee.

This scene had to be removed from the picture

With so little time left for the release of the film, the makers thought of changing the name. The film received only one cut, where the producers had to remove a drug taking scene, they agreed to change the title of the film and the film has now received a U / A certificate.

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