The big actors did not get paid for ‘Manto’, Nawaz took this amount

Nandita Das is directing and Nawaz’s decision has touched her heart.
The big actors did not get paid for 'Manto', Nawaz took this amount

Nawazuddin Siddiqui often does things that people are shocked to see. When she danced in ‘Munna Michael’ recently, people were amazed by her skills. This time Nawaz did another thing, knowing that you will also appreciate him.

Nawazuddin is playing the lead role in the biopic Manto by the well-known and controversial writer Sadat Hasan Manto. It is learned that he has taken only one rupee as remuneration for this film. Nandita Das is directing and says that Nawaz’s decision has touched her heart. Nandita said in this context, it is an example of great generosity that a star is working in your film without his normal remuneration. It is said that seeing the small budget of the film, Nandita offered him only one taka and Nawaz agreed.

Not only that, according to Nandita, Rishi Kapoor, Paresh Rawal, Ranbir Shore, Divya Dutt and Javed Akhtar also did not take any money for this film. According to Nandita, Rishi Kapoor agreed to work on the film at the first meeting and did not ask about the remuneration. Some artists are hungry for good work and when they get their desired project, they do not compromise with it at any cost. For them, the biggest reward does not matter.

The film was selected at many festivals, including the Cannes Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival. It was screened at the Cannes Film Festival’s ‘Un Certain Regard’ section. The film is based on the life of a writer in the 40’s and 50’s who tried to reflect the world with his rebellious and outspoken attitude. In Manto, written and directed by Nandita Das, Rosika Duggal played the role of Safia, the wife of Nawazuddin Siddiqui. The film is set to release on September 21.

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Who was Manto

Sadat Hassan Manto has written a lot about love, tragedy and communal conflict in his 42 years and 6 months of life. Manto, who wrote a collection of twenty-two short stories, a novel, a collection of five radio plays, a collection of three works and two collections of personal sketches, faced various allegations of obscenity. He had to go to court a total of 6 times. 3 times in British India, 3 times in Pakistan. But the case could not be proved even once. His writing was going to upset the society. Manto’s writing spread in Aligarh. His second story ‘Inquilab Pasand’ was also published in ‘Aligarh Magazine’ from Aligarh Muslim University in 1935. The first story was ‘joke’. He dropped out of school due to tuberculosis. Manto read French and Russian writers and translated English texts into Urdu. He has also written many stories on domestic issues. It is said that if Munshi Premchand expressed the pain of the backward part of the village at that time, then Manto chose other tawaifs. He believed that the most neglected, weak and helpless group in the society included the Tawaifs. To tell the truth, his pen did not stop.

It is said that while Manto was writing the story ‘Bu’, at the same time Sachchitananda Hirananda Batsyayan Agyay was also writing the story under the same title. The two met at the home of literary Bhairon Prasad Gupta in Mumbai. Vieron gave Aga to read Manto’s ‘Boo’. After reading, Agyay tore his ‘boo’. After partition, Manto moved to Lahore and died on 16 January 1955. In his short life he was ahead of his time. His writings include Thanda Goshat, Kali Salwar, Toba Tek Singh and Behind the Scenes.

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