The separatist group Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) has released a video claiming that the Khalistan flags hoisted at the Himachal Pradesh Assembly in Dharamshala were sent by Sikh activists. He had accompanied Bhagwant Mann to the market to attend Arvind Kejriwal’s rally. In fact, Khalistan flags were found tied at the main gate and boundary wall of the Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly in Dharamshala on Sunday morning. SFJ General Counsel Group Tont Singh Pannan said in the video, “Since Kejriwal-Mann had lured pro-Khalistan Sikhs to donate more than 60 6 million to AAP during the Punjab elections, the SFJ has decided to promote the Khalistan referendum. Was trying. Workers close to Bhagwant Mann.

“The flag of Khalistan in Dharamshala is a clear message to Chief Minister Jayaram Thackeray that through the Khalistan referendum, Himachal Pradesh will be recaptured and will once again be part of Punjab,” Pannan said. The SFJ has announced that in June 2022, during the 38th year of Operation Blue Star, the pro-Khalistan group will announce the voting date for the Khalistan Referendum in Himachal Pradesh.