The Ajay-Tabu duo looted the ticket window five times before ‘De De Peer De’.

Whenever Ajay and Tabu come together, the film either gets praise or money … sometimes both.
The Ajay-Tabu duo looted the ticket window five times before 'De De Peer De'.

In ‘De De Pyaar De’, the pair of Tabu and Ajay Devgan has come to the fore again. The first day collection of this film has come out and it seems that the film is going to make a lot of money. Starring Ajay Devgn, Rakul Preet Singh and Tabu, ‘De De Pyaar De’ earned Rs 10.41 crore on its first day. Now it is expected that its revenue will exceed Rs 42 crore in three days. Critics like it and viewers appreciate it. In India it has got 3100 screens, abroad it has got 650 screens. Let me tell you – it wasn’t the first time the Ajay-Tabu duo had done such a wonderful job at the ticket window. The couple saw a lot of success in the ticket window …

Vijayapath (1994)

The song ‘Rah me unshe mut ho gayi’ is still the identity of ‘Vijaypath’. This is the first film where Ajay and Tabu worked together. It also had the song ‘Ruk Ruk Ruk’. Good music and great action hit this movie.

Reality (1995)

Then the same formula .. Ajay Devgan’s good music and action. The result is a hit film. Annu Malik was in his full form this time and was going through one tune after another. The film has benefited from this and the Ajay-Tabu duo has been liked by the people again.

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Takshak (1999)

The songs were no less than this picture. AR Rahman has sung songs like ‘Bundan Se Baten’ and ‘Mujhe Rang De’. It was a different kind of movie. Critics praised him a lot and Rahul Bose highly praised him for his negative role. In this film, Ajay and Tabu both wore very serious clothes.

Vision (2015)

When the pair returned almost 16 years later, they were enemies. This thriller saw a rain of money in the ticket window. 70 crore, where the expenditure was only one third. Tabu has received great praise for this character.

Noise Again (2017)

Rohit Sethi has made the pair a part of his multistarrer franchise. The Ajay-Tabu duo made all the actors shine differently. More than Rs 200 crore has come in the book of the film. Released in Diwali, the film continues to flash till Christmas.

Now the song of ‘De De Peer De’ is in full swing. Ajay and Tabu also danced loudly in two hit songs. Good songs have been found, this time action has come instead of comedy. Taboo is getting quite acclaimed in this film. She has played the role of Ajay’s wife. Tabu has got a lot of emotional scenes in this movie. Ajay is responsible for the comedy. Success is guaranteed, see how much is the total income!

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