The actor lost sleep thinking of slapping Sanjay Dutt

As soon as the camera rolls, he fixes the scene with the first shot, which later becomes a very famous scene.
The actor lost sleep thinking of slapping Sanjay Dutt

Actor Jimmy Shergill says that he was disturbed by a slap in the face from Sanjay Dutt during the shooting of ‘Munna Bhai MBBS’.

It is different that this scene between Sanjay Dutt and them was done simultaneously. Describing Sanjay Dutt as a funny person, Jimmy Shergill said that he had recently worked with Sanjay Dutt in ‘Sahab Bibi Or Gangster 3’. Whenever she speaks to him she speaks Punjabi. Sanjay Dutt’s style of speaking is different and so does his old story. Whenever he gets a chance to sit with Sanjay Dutt, he tells stories that make him laugh and his stomach swells. Jimmy considers Sanjay Dutt to be a really funny person.

Describing the slapping scene, Jimmy Shergill said that when Prince Hirani was making Munna Bhai, he also mentioned the scene during the screenplay. Prince Hirani told him that he had to give a slap to Sanjay Dutt, which Jimmy told him he could not do, which is why Prince Hirani always told him during movie shooting or while sitting. He had a slap in the face. He can’t do the scene because he can never do it, but despite his denial, one day when the photo shoot started and he was supposed to do the same scene, he made it clear to Prince Hirani that he couldn’t do it. . He apologized for this.

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After that Sanjay Dutt, Rajkumar Hirani and Bidhu Binod Chopra started explaining the importance of this scene to Jimmy. And this scene of the film comes to a stage when he changes the role of Sanjay Dutt in the film. And Jimmy Shergill persuaded Arshad Warsi as well as producer Bidhu Binod Chopra to do the scene. They were ready but soon they realized that they would have to face many difficulties to make this scene. However, as soon as the camera was rolled, he fixed the scene in the first shot, which later became a very famous scene.

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