Tanushree has filed a defamation suit against Rakhi Sawant for Tk 10 crore

Recently, Rakhi Sawant called Tanushree a drug addict.
Tanushree has filed a defamation suit against Rakhi Sawant for Tk 10 crore

Mumbai Tanushree Dutt and Nana Patekar are now fighting their case legally. At the same time, Tanushree has asked Rakhi Sawant for Rs 10 crore. Rakhi Sawant replaces Tanushree in ‘Horn OK Please’ after the picture was released. Rakhi said a lot to Tanushree in a recent press conference. She said about Tanushree that she is a drug addict. In such a situation Tanushree has decided that she will now fight for Rakhi’s defamation legally and in this regard she has filed a defamation suit against Rakhi. He also demanded Tk 10 crore from them.

We tell you that Rakhi said about the 2008 case that no one would believe Tanushree because she was lying in her van carrying drugs. Rakhi further said that suddenly Tanushree did a tantrum show and it created problems for the producer. Later Rakhi worked on this song under the direction of Ganesh Acharya. Also, he got a call from Nana Patekar asking him to sing. He immediately reached the set and completed the song with Nana. Let me tell you, he not only talked about Tanushree with drugs, he also abused Tanushree a lot.

In such a situation, Tanushree remained silent till now but suddenly decided that she would talk about it and filed a case against Rakhi legally.

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