Talking about casting couch, Chitrangada got the job on merit basis

Chitrangada is handling the producer’s chair for the first time.
Talking about casting couch, Chitrangada got the job on merit basis

Recently, there was news about the casting couch that the National Commission for Women is going to take some drastic steps However, the full picture of what those steps will be is not yet clear When Chitrangada Singh was asked about this, he said that he did not know that any such plan was being made.

Chitrangada said if that happens then it is very good. Legislation is being enacted in this regard and efforts are being made to protect it, so it is a good thing. If these laws justify protecting the people, that’s great. The casting couch is absolutely wrong. The best part is the discussion is going on all over the world and people are talking about it. So somewhere, if our system thinks it should take action, that’s a good sign. It should be done.

Chitrangada says talent should be the only criterion on which one should have the opportunity to work. Chitrangada said, “My father always used to say that everything has a cycle, so where you feel that you need talent to sell your film, if you need content, you have to make good pictures and give talent a chance.” .

Chitrangada is taking the producer’s chair for the first time and he says that he started writing and reading a lot when he was not getting good pictures. That’s when the story of Surma collided with him. But he had to struggle a lot to make this story into a movie. When he went to the production house with the proposal of this film, he said that a lot of biopics are being made at that time, so why this biopic?

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Then it took Chitrangadar time to explain to the people why Sandeep Singh’s story should be told. Currently the picture is ready. The film will be released on July 13 and is directed by Shad Ali. Diljit Singh has played the role of Sandeep Singh in the film.

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