Sushmita from #MeToo Katrina, these heroines have been the victims of indecency

You will be shocked to know that there are many actresses in Bollywood who have been the victims of indecency in public places.
Sushmita from #MeToo Katrina, these heroines have been the victims of indecency

Mumbai Ever since Tanushree Dutt accused Nana Patelkar of indecency, many girls, women and actresses have been talking openly about the issue with the hashtag #Metoo. Apart from Tanushree, many other actresses have started giving speeches mentioning the names of the perpetrators.

I am shocked to see these revelations happening every day in the media from Bollywood. The pros and cons of this campaign are also being discussed on social media. What is the benefit of saying the arguments of those who speak in opposition after so many years? So a big part of it is with the campaign that now girls are talking openly.

The truth behind the glamor of Bollywood is slowly coming to the fore. There are reports of indecency and indecency with girls in the society as well. People from little girls to old women do not refrain from such heinous acts.

You will be shocked to know that there are many actresses in Bollywood who have been sexually harassed in public and they have spoken openly about it. In this report we are mentioning some such incidents.


The first word was Nagma. Actress Nagma, who is now also very active in politics, was once reported for some offensive action in public. In fact, it so happened that when Nagma was among the people during the election campaign in Mirat (Uttar Pradesh), some unknown people took advantage of the same crowd and molested her. Apparently, Nagma was very excited about this. Talking to the media about this, Nagma became quite emotional.

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Sushmita Sen-

Once when Biswasundari and actress Sushmita Sen arrived at the opening ceremony of a jewelery shop, the crowd outside surrounded her. But, at the same time, some miscreants took advantage of the crowd and touched his body inappropriately. Recently, while sharing another experience, Sushmita revealed how a 15 year old boy misbehaved with her.

Minisha Lamba-

Actress and model Minissha Lamba was once molested on a Goa beach. He was reportedly touched by some people while shooting a photoshoot in Goa. Minisha gets very scared after this incident. Minisha later spoke openly about it.

Koena Mitra-

Koena Mitra has also been the victim of indecency. This heinous act happened to her at a New Year’s party at a five-star hotel. This incident was quite tragic for her and she was very sorry. The matter was later thrown into the media limelight and eventually the man who did such a thing with Koenig was arrested.

Katrina Kaif –

Let me tell you, this embarrassing incident happened with Katrina Kaif too. In 2005, when Katrina Kaif arrived in Kolkata to attend Durga Puja, there was such a crowd that even Katrina’s security could not protect her properly. As a result, some lunatics took advantage of the opportunity and publicly touched his body. Katrina was in trouble for a long time after this incident.

We tell you that recently, Sonam Kapoor surprised everyone by saying on a talk show that when she was young, she also had to be a victim of indecency. Speaking to media, Anushka Sharma further said that when she was young, her mother often asked her if anyone had touched her. In Anushka’s words, he did not understand why his mother asked such a question, but now he understands!

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