Suryavanshi’s team pointed a gun at the man and said, “Save us, thank you.”

For a whole month, the film team was busy shooting action scenes at home and abroad.
Suryavanshi's team pointed a gun at the man and said,

The shooting of the action sequence of Akshay Kumar’s ‘Suryavanshi’ has been completed. This work lasted for about a month. Action scenes have been shot in various parts of India from Bangkok. As this difficult month came to an end, Akshay breathed a sigh of relief on his Instagram.

He writes, ‘Once the action is over, the only thing left is to shoot the action master. Our film team is showering love on this golden-headed man to keep us all alive for a month. Akshay also posted a picture with his conversation. You can see Fight Direct behind Sunil Rodriguez in this picture. Sunil has done many films like ‘Simba’, ‘Zero’, ‘Sonchiria’, ‘Surma’.

Last week, the film ‘Tip Tip Barsa Pani’ was also shot. On June 25, while sharing a photo on her Insta account, Katrina Kaif wrote ‘Sing in the Rain’.

Katrina Kaif and Akshay Kumar have towels wrapped around their heads. Fans asked him ‘Keya tip tip rain water’. We tell you that Akshay Kumar recently thanked Ratan Jain on his Instagram account, which clearly suggests that permission has been sought to recreate the song ‘Tip Tip Barsa Pani’.

This song of ‘Mohra’ can be heard even today. Ravina Tandon was with Akshay Kumar in the original song. Akshay admits on social media that he would have been very disappointed if someone else had done this song.

The film, directed by Rohit Sethi, stars Akshay Kumar and Katrina in the lead roles.

Ajay Devgn and Ranbir Singh will also be seen in ‘Suryavanshi’. In ‘Suryavanshi’, Akshay Kumar will be an officer of the anti-terrorist squad. The film will be released on March 27, 2020.

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