Sunny Deol Memes Viral: Army No More Need, Sunny Deol Will Do Surgical Strike Alone

There was a strong reaction on social media about Sunny Deol joining the BJP. Sunny’s various memes are going viral.
Sunny Deol Memes Viral: Army No More Need, Sunny Deol Will Do Surgical Strike Alone

Sunny Deol Memes Viral: With Sunny Deol joining the BJP, social media users are reacting overwhelmingly. Memes are being created on all social sites with dialogues of Sunny Deol and her films. These funny memes made with Bollywood’s Angry Man are going very viral. In these mimes, Sunny Deol is occasionally getting annoyed by getting dates related to Ram temple. At the same time, some mimes are seen talking about a surgical strike in Pakistan alone. Sunny’s hit dialogues have been adapted to the situation in a very good way by the users. This creativity of the users is getting increasingly viral on social media.

We tell you that Sunny Deol joined the BJP on Tuesday in the presence of BJP leaders Nirmala Sitharaman and Piyush Gayal. As news of Sunny Deol’s joining the BJP came out, jokes spread on Twitter and everyone was reacting in their style.

A user of Sunny Deol, who has joined the BJP, shared the scene in the photo of ‘Damini’, where Sunny Deol is seen saying ‘Date by date …’. In the caption of the video, the user wrote, “BJP may say this dialogue of Sunny Deol at the next hearing of Ram Mandir.” At the same time another user wrote- ‘Welcome your new defense minister, now there is no need for army for surgical strike, we will send Sunnyji.’

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