Sunny Deol has not spoken to Shah Rukh Khan for 16 years, says ‘there was something wrong with him’

The relationship between Sunny Deol and Shah Rukh Khan has come to the fore once again.
Sunny Deol has not spoken to Shah Rukh Khan for 16 years, says 'there was something wrong with him'

The feud between Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan was well known, but Sunny Deol’s feud with Shah Rukh is always less discussed. Anyway, it’s two decades old. Now that old wound is again Har Manal Rajat Sharma’s show ‘Up Ki Adalat’.

Shah Rukh and Sunny had a quarrel during the release of Yash Chopra’s film Dar. Yash Chopra’s psychological romantic thriller was a hit and the credit for its success goes to Shah Rukh Khan. After that Sunny did not show any interest in working with Shah Rukh Khan. Sunny Deol is now the guest in the latest episode of Rajat Sharma. Rajat Sharma has revealed a glimpse of this. In it, Rajat Sharma asks, ‘When you started shooting for’ Dar ‘, everyone was afraid of you?

Sunny laughed and said, “I think those who were scared must have done something wrong.” We tell you that he said this for Shah Rukh Khan. Sunny had a quarrel with Shah Rukh Khan and Sunny had not spoken to him for 16 years.

Recently Sunny said, ‘People liked me a lot in that movie. Shah Rukh has done the same. My point was why are you glorifying the villain. I take any picture with an open mind and trust people.

We tell you that at 2001 Filmfare, Sunny didn’t say anything good for Yash Chopra. He said, ‘I will never work with Yash Chopra. They are not sure about their tongues. I don’t have a good memory of him, he just betrayed me.

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