The famous ‘Solgami’ of a woman from Gujarat is now over. A few days before the due date, Kashma Bandhu married herself with all the wedding traditions. This was the first case of ‘Sologamy’ in India. Kashma Bandu, a woman from Gujarat, married herself with all the rituals of ‘Mahindi’ and ‘Haldi’. To avoid any controversy, they got married a few days ahead of schedule as a BJP leader opposed their marriage, saying they would not be allowed to marry at the temple.

In a video message after the wedding, he thanked everyone and said he was grateful for the support and encouragement. “I want to thank everyone who texted and congratulated me and gave me the strength to fight for what I believe in,” he said on Facebook.

‘Sologamy’ became a big topic as politicians expressed their views on this type of marriage. A BJP leader said such marriages were against the Hindu religion, adding that Kashma would not be allowed to marry in a temple. On the other hand, Congress leader Miland Deora termed their marriage as another example of insanity. Opponents were numerous, but they also received support from many quarters.

Who is the point of forgiveness?

In the first case of single marriage in India, Kashma Bandhu, a resident of Vadodara, was to get married on June 11. She identifies as a bisexual person. Khamsha graduated with a degree in Sociology and is currently working as a Senior Recruitment Officer in a private company. Her parents are both engineers. Sorry works for a private firm. He says that loneliness or self-marriage is a commitment to love oneself unconditionally. It is also a process of self-acceptance. People marry what they love. I love myself and that’s why I got married.

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