Sleeping naked enhances beauty, keeping away many diseases including high cholesterol

Mumbai: Many studies have shown that having sex with your partner is good for your health. But you will be surprised to know that sleeping naked with your partner is also very beneficial for health. It may sound strange to read or hear, but it is true that many studies around the world have shown the benefits of sleeping naked with your partner.

According to a study conducted in London, the level of cortisol in the body increases significantly after two o’clock in the night, but the level of cortisol in the body is controlled when sleeping naked with a partner. Note that sleeping without clothes at night reduces the levels of cortisol stress hormone, does not accumulate excess fat in the abdomen and also controls cholesterol in the body.

Sleeping naked with a partner also keeps the body temperature under control. Many body ailments go away if the body temperature is controlled at night. So sleeping naked is beneficial for maintaining body temperature balance and good-deep sleep. According to the research report, it has also been found that such people are healthier and have less stress.

In addition, it helps to create a physical relationship with a naked sleeping partner. When there is skin-to-skin contact, the levels of oxytocin in the body also increase, which improves the physical relationship even more than before. People who sleep naked also have a lower risk of diabetes. At the same time, the temperature in the bedroom also affects obesity. Excessive heat problems can also be avoided by sleeping naked. If you want to look more beautiful and younger then never wear clothes while sleeping.

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