Shopping in Ahmedabad: List of old and very famous markets where you can find everything within your budget

Ahmedabad: Ahmedabad is not just a name but a vibrant city which is a vibrant city with vibrant fabrics, fun jewelry, items including traditional crafts. Ahmedabad was once called Manchester in India. Ahmedabad too has gone through many changes with the passage of time but even today there are some places here which are becoming more glorious with its old identity.

1) Red door, relief door
First of all let’s talk about the famous red door of Ahmedabad, also known as Tran Darwaza and Bhadra. The world famous Tran Darwaza was built in 1415 by Emperor Ahmed Shah. Surrounded by crowds for all twelve months, Lal Darwaza Market is the shopping center of Ahmedabad. The specialty of this market is that it is open seven days a week. Here you can easily find everything from everyday life to sari, clothes, shoes, colorful skirts, purses, scarves, cutlery, household items. One of the main conditions for shopping at the red door is that you need to know how to negotiate. Here you can find very cheap and good things. If you want to have a wedding in your home then don’t forget to go to this market. With a guarantee you will get good things on a low budget.

2) Dhalgarwad
This is the clothing market. This market is one of the oldest markets in Ahmedabad. Here you will find many varied outfits. A few years ago, the market was located on the banks of the river Sabarmati. Since then the place has been named Dhalgarwad. Here you will find different types of saris like Bandhani, Silk, Cotton Printed, Jaipuri, Handwork. Besides, salwar-suits, chaniacholi, bed sheets and hosiery clothes for children are also easily available. If you have a limited budget, Dhalgarwad is the best place for you to shop. Dhalgarwad also has the facility to sew and mix and match the clothes of your choice. But yes, you have to be the best at bargaining and judge the quality of the fabric.

3) Ratanpole Market
Ratanpol Market is the best place in Ahmedabad for wedding shopping. Ratanpol Bazaar is famous for sari and chania choli. There you will find a huge variety for Kutchi, Rabari, Threadwork, Lucknow Chikon Sari and Chaniachali. Like Chaniacholi, Marwari Chaniacholi, Velvet, Net, Zardosi works are available. From the rich to the poor, there are affordable clothes for everyone. Sari and Chania Choli are available from Rs 500 to Rs 5,000. There are also special varieties like Patola, Gharchola, Bandhani for marriage. The choice of the youth has also been given priority in Ratanpol market. There is also a special collection of sherwanis, suits and turbans for the groom. There is also a wedding cutlery and jewelery shop in Ratanpole. Jewelry stores sell gold jewelry ranging from 24 carats to 18 carats.

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4) Panko Naka Bazaar
Panko’s Naka Market is one of the oldest markets in Ahmedabad. Iron and plastic containers for home use are available here. Hardware and bamboo accessories are also available at lower prices. The second lane of Pankor Nakar is known as the toy market. In this market you will find as many toys as you can find in online shopping. Here you will find special discounts on wholesale toy purchases. From plastic to realistic electronic toys are also available here.

5) Manek Chuck
Manek Chowk is actually the largest Chowk in old Ahmedabad. During the reign of Emperor Ahmad Shah, traditional fairs and public meetings were held at this outpost. Manek Chuck is different from other markets. Because its form changes over time. That is, the vegetable market in the morning, the gold market from noon to late evening, and as soon as night falls, it becomes Khau Gali. The gold and silver shops of Manek Chowk have been passed down through the generations. The color of Manek Chowk, which is buzzing among the traders during the day, also changes with the evening. In the evening a fast food restaurant will be found in Manekchuk. Here fast food like pavvaji, sandwiches, pizza, panipuri, ragdapatis, barbecue, dosa, ice cream can be found in one place.

6) The queen did not appear
The market known as Rani No Hajiro is one of the most beautiful markets in Ahmedabad. In fact, this is the dargah of Emperor Akbar and his Begums. According to her name, the place is known as Rani Na Haziro. Crowds of women gather here for twelve months. In Rani Na Hajiro, women’s clothing and jewelery are also available. If you like traditional earrings then this is the place for you. You will also find traditional Chania Choli here. The oxidized jewelry found at Queen No Hazero is one of the best you won’t find online. You can also get colorful clothes here and also cheap and at good prices. Also, expensive weaving fabrics like mushrooms and azaleas are available in huge variety. After shopping at this unique place in Ahmedabad known as Rani No Hajiro, women also feel like queens.

7) Bronze market
The Kansara market is known for buying and selling pots. Bronze and German pots are available here. Besides, carved pots, cradle rods, ancient lamps, artistic peacock-parrots etc. Also easily available for home decoration. There is also a few years old Farsan shop in Kansara Bazaar. Which has become famous year after year for its glorious legacy of years old taste.

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8) Sindhi Market
If you are in Ahmedabad and you want to complete the bucket list of amazing traditional products then you must visit Sindhi Market once. Sindhi Market is located near Kalupur Gate. Here you will easily find all the things you need. From sari to bed sheets and Punjabi dress material to handicrafts, shoes are available here and also easy, cheap and with variety. The Sindhi Bazaar is always crowded as it is on both the inside and outside side of the road. Bicycles are still used in the Sindhi market to transport goods. There is so much variety in the Sindhi market that no buyer has returned empty handed.

9) Ghantakarna Market
Ahmedabad is called the hub of cloth. If you have any doubts about this, don’t forget to visit Ghantakarna Market in Ahmedabad. There is a 50 year old shop here. Where you can find a wide variety of both readymade and textile types. Huge variety is available to mix and match. A wide variety of fabrics are available including cotton, silk, jute, satin, printed fabrics, weaving materials. The price of cloth ranges from Rs 30 to Rs 900 per meter. The important thing is that here you can get clothes from ‘S’ size to ‘5XL’ size. Cotton kurtis are available in the wholesale market for a minimum of Rs If you want to start a clothing store with a minimum budget, you need to buy one here You will definitely benefit.

10) Raviwari Market / Sunday Bazaar
The market near Ellisbridge in Ahmedabad and near the Sabarmati river is known as the Sunday market. The Sunday market is known as Gujri Bazaar. After Ahmedabad became a city, Ahmad Shah Badshah built this market in 1414 which was known as special market at that time. Traders from abroad used to come to this market to sell their goods. Currently, the market is full only on Sundays, and offers items ranging from knives used for household items to swords. Antiques are available at negligible prices for home furnishings, watches, makeup tools, gym equipment and much more.

One thing is for Sunday market, Sunday market near Sabarmati coast is no less than Aladdin’s lamp, you just have to have bargaining power.

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11) Fernandez Bridge
Ahmedabad also has an excellent tradition of knowledge. A striking example of this is the book market under the Fernandez Bridge. In fact, the Sabarmati River used to flow under the Fernandez Bridge. But over time, that is likely to change. Fernandez Bridge is the first bridge in Ahmedabad. The book market under this bridge is currently booming. The books you want are easily available in the seven week open book market. Even at half price. New and old books are available here. If you like reading, be sure to visit here. A variety of books are available, including art, science, studies, journals. In addition to buying books, you can also sell books here.

12) Madhupura Spice and Majdi Market
If you are fond of wearing majdi, then you must go to majdi bazaar of Madhupura outside Dariapur Darwaza. Here you will find different types of Majdi. Leather majdi is the center of attraction of this market. In addition to buying majdi, you can also make majdi of your choice here. Evergreen majdi with marwari, rajwari, leather, embroidery.

There is a big spice market on the other side of Majdi Bazaar. The spice of Madhupura is famous all over Gujarat. The spice market in Madhupura is 125 years old. This market was dominated by moneylenders. At that time Sharafi spices were kept for buying and selling. The market was full of spices in camel and horse carts from morning till late night. Even today there are some shops in the spice market which are run by the fourth generation. Here you can find different types of spices at the same time. Besides spices, there is a big business of sugar, molasses and dried fruits.

13) Law Garden Market
As the pride season approaches, the first thing that comes to mind is Law Garden. The Law Garden offers a wide variety of chickpeas such as rubber work, silk, patched etc. You can also find specially oxidized jewelry. This place is a hot favorite among the people of Ahmedabad for Navratri shopping.

14) Raipur Darwaza
Ahmedabad street shopping is incomplete without snacks. Raipur Darwaza where Ahmedabad’s old food and beverage market is located. A variety of flavors are available here. Daser Khaman, Bhajia of Raipur, Faluda of Astodia and Jalebi of Adad are world famous. After snacks with friends and family, this place became one of the best memories of life.

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