Shop for groceries easily from JioMart using WhatsApp now, here's how to order

Shop for groceries easily from JioMart using WhatsApp now, here’s how to order

New Delhi: In today’s age of internet, anything can be ordered online with a single click from home. In this episode, Reliance launched JioMart in January of this year.

Mukesh Ambani, chairman and managing director of Reliance Industries Limited, claimed in July that JioMart was taking more than 250,000 orders a day. Corona epidemic is the main reason for the increase in demand for online groceries, due to which the demand for online products is constantly increasing.

JioMart is an offline-to-online grocery service that allows you to order products online and have them delivered to your nearest grocery store. It allows you to order fruits, vegetables, packaged foods, dairy products, household cleaning items and personal care products.

Grocery Order on WhatsApp –
If you don’t have the JioMart app, you can still order products from JioMart via WhatsApp. For this, you need to text Hi to 8850008000 and message JioMart. Next, the WhatsApp bot will provide a link to the JioMart site from where you can select and order the product.

When ordering you will be asked for your address, phone number, email id and name and after filling it, you will easily get the product the next time you order the product.

With it, you can order groceries through WhatsApp and you will get cashback as well as other benefits. You will get all these at low prices here. There is no minimum order price condition. The good news is that if something is ordered from you by mistake, you can return it without any reason.

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To take advantage of this you need to be a member of RelianceOne. According to JioMart, 1 point will be given for every Rs 200 purchase, which will cost 0.70 paise. Users can find out about their loyalty points by making a missed call to 9212999888.

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