Shooting of the second schedule of ‘Dabang 3’ has started here, Salman can also go to Jaipur

Salman Khan is now in Mumbai for two months and will finish most of the work on ‘Dabangg’ sequel.
Shooting of the second schedule of 'Dabang 3' has started here, Salman can also go to Jaipur

Shooting of Salman Khan’s ‘Dabang 3’ has started from April 1 at Maheshwar Fort. This was the first schedule of this film. The shooting started with the filming of the title track and the shooting of the song lasted for about 7 days. Then for a few days the shooting went on in Mandve and the shooting of the action sequence was done. Now it’s Mumbai’s turn. Work has started in Mumbai and Salman-Sonakshi will finish shooting here for two months. This time Southern superstar Sudip has been called as the villain in this movie. Sudip will also shoot in Mumbai. The set is ready in Filmcity.

After that, the work will start in Wai of Maharashtra. There is a shooting schedule of about 30 days. The last part of the film will be shot here. There will also be a filming of a song. The team also has to go to Jaipur for a song, it is not right but Salman and Arbaaz can decide on that. With a release target of 31 December, post-production will be completed.

When Salman Khan arrived in Indore before the shooting started, the first thing he did was to remind his policeman grandfather. Salman posted a video on his Instagram from inside the chartered flight in Indore and said ‘Arbaaz and I have just arrived in Indore. This is where the two of us were born. Now we will go to Mandleshwar and Maheshwar to shoot ‘Dabang 3’. When our grandfather was in the police force, he was posted here.

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It is rumored that there will be two heroines in the film, but the names of the other have not been revealed yet. Permanent part of Sonakshi.

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