Shivling in Gyanwapi: It has been confirmed that Shivling was found in Gyanwapi Mosque in Varanasi. The court has ordered that the place of chewing gum be secured and no one be allowed to go there. After the completion of the third day’s survey and the court’s order, the period of reaction has begun. Yogi CM Sarkar’s Deputy CM Keshu Prasad Moriah tweeted, “The appearance of Baba Mahadev on the occasion of Buddha Purnima in Ganapuri has given a mythological message to the country’s Sanatan Hindu tradition.” Meanwhile, #Gyanvapi_Mandir and #Harhar Mahadev have also started trending on social media. Read selected responses

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Jatindranand Saraswati said that Baba Mahadev has met Pir and Buddha Purnima. Sanatan Dharma is still being insulted. Wudhu was being performed where there is shawling. These people have done this disrespect.

#Gyanvapi_ He was afraid of temple interrogation and videography, because inside is the house of our Mahadev.

On this day Modiji was elected MP for the first time from Varanasi and on that day Lord Vishwanath came out of the well and this is a big coincidence.

Truth cannot remain silent and my Baba is immortal and infinite … Har Har Mahadev #Gyanvapi_Mandir

I am speaking Kashi

“Har Har Mahadev” is echoing in Kashi.


Proof of ‘Baba’ in Gyanwapi! ‘Mughal lie’ is happening one part after another!


This is a proof of a jihadi system taking advantage of the tolerance of Hindus. Wasn’t this administration law and order before? #Gyanvapi_me_Shivling #Gyanvapi_Campus

We will dig everywhere where our loved ones are imprisoned.

(This news is based on the reaction of social media.)